Magnificient Concert to raise much needed funds for the continued refurbishment of Our Lady’s Hall, (Drimnagh Community Centre) We have been gradually refurbishing the Centre since 2010 and slowly but surely the place is being transformed into a modern Community Centre with facilities to cater for all community events including Conccerts, Pantomimes, Drama Academy and

Something For Everyone



The Mission Statement of The Management Committee of Our Lady’s Hall, Mourne Road, Drimnagh:

The Management Committee agrees to interest itself in, and assist as far as possible, with all matters relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the hall and to provide and maintain funds to cover running costs and planning including taking steps to encourage community usage of the hall and where possible to seek funding to bring the hall to a high standard of repair in the interests of health and safety of all users of the hall and thus provide a community centre that is a hub for local people and organisations in Drimnagh by enabling the provision of services that are identified as being required by the Community.


It is the Vision that Our Lady’s Hall will become
• A centre of Community Activity for all ages. 
• A self-financing Centre and Service Medium which will serve the entire community.


The Goals represent the focused work that needs to be done to achieve the vision and mission.

The goals therefore are that within an initial three-year period, the Committee will strive:

1. To be professional in all that it does
2. To develop strong sustainable Management structures
3. To provide a safe place where people can meet
4. To attract a maximum number of clubs and organisations to use the facilities
5. To seek the necessary funding to bring the Hall up to the required standards of safety and efficiency

Beyond that, the long-term goal is that Our Lady’s Hall will serve the Community for many years to come.