During construction of the Centre, the Builders / Developers incorporated a 3-zone set-up regarding the central heating involving:

1. The Front including upstairs & downstairs
2. The Main Hall and the Toilets
3. The Stage area including the Dressing Rooms

After 56 years of wear and tear this system has broken down leaving the entire building as just one zone so once the heat is on it heats the entire building. Obviously this is both very inefficient and very expensive so we are now in the process of revamping the Boiler Room to restore the 3-zone control and to convert the old mechanical system to an electronic system. The entire project will cost approximately €16.5K and we have most of the funding in place at the moment so we expect to have this completed in a few months time. This should bring a better quality of heat, a saving in energy and a saving in heat costs which are our largest expense year-on-year.

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